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The Sun Certified Java Developers Exam



  The developers exam is quite different from the programmers exam in that it is based around a practical assignment. Because the programmers exam is a pre-requisite fewer people have taken the developers exam and there are less free web based resources to draw upon. I know very little about it myself, having not taken or studied for it. If you know of any more resources please email me at



None of the following books are devoted specifically to the Developers exam but the each have sections devoted to it.

    Java Certification for Programmers and Developers, by Barry Boone (1997).
    Updates and errata are available. About 140 pages devoted to the Developers exam. Although this is a JDK1.1 book and thus somewhat out of data, it is probably still useful.

    Cover of Boone 1.1 Certification book

    Jamie Jaworski Java2 Certification Guide.About 1/3 of the book is devoted the Developers Exam (anyone got the number of pages)


Net Resources


Not much available I'm afraid. Jamie Jaworski has an online mock exam at

Dallas Developer Exam Study Group can be found at

You can subscribe to a mailing list at (goto )

Another mailing list has been started at egroups. To subscribe to the list you can send a blank email to

I have a few comments in my FAQ at The Developers Exam

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