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The Certified Architect for Java Exam 




The Sun Certified Architects for Java exam now seems to be known by the rather long name


Sun has announced a new version of the Architects exam that involves a practical programming component. This should be available around June 2000 (email me when I forget to update that link and it has become July 2000). In the meantime you should not go far wrong by taking a look at the resources for the old version of the exam

I have not studied or taken this exam so if anyone would like to inform me futher please please email me at




There are no books exclusive to the Architects exam. Jamie Jarworsksi Java2 Certification Guide has 1/3 of the book devoted the Architects Exam (anyone got the number of pages aimed at the Architects exam) 


Net Resources


Much of this information has been posted on my discussion forum which you can find at

Palani has put a lot of time into this most excellent site at

The Sun Page

Check out the objectives at

This new version of the exam means that many of the following links are a bit out of date.

Jamie Jaworski has an online mock exam at 

Aaron Robinson has created an excellent looking article he has allowed me to host

EJB is a major topic on the new exam and you can see a tutorial on the subject at,t=gr,p=ejb20

You can download an entire and excellent book on EJB from

You have to register, but I would guess it is worth registering even if they were not giving you a free eBook.

Introductory Article

An Introductory article on Enterprise JavaBeans can be found at

Heather McKenzies Notes

SSL Resources

OO Design

Java 1.2 Unleashed Complete Book Online

Not Just Java 

Peter van der Linden. 

So far I am the only person I know of who recommends this for the Architects exam. Peter calls it a technology briefing and it is more of a management overview of the Java phenomenom than a technical book. 

Marcus Greens Certification FAQ (not much info here) The Developers Exam

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